I cannot begin to adequately describe the impact that Within Reach Education has had on my son’s ACT experience. First, the results: his composite results went up by five points, to a 32, with his English score in particular going up by a whopping 10 points! The process was excellent; we started with full-length practice tests for both the ACT and the SAT. Then, I sat down with Morgan to discuss their test recommendations as well as my son’s personality, time commitments and learning differences (he has a diagnosed case of ADHD with special time accommodations). She chose excellent tutors for him, both of whom were extremely supportive, flexible, and just “clicked” with my son.  This whole process has truly bolstered his self-confidence with regard to academics, which can be a difficult thing to maintain when a child struggles with ADHD in a very competitive school setting. My deepest and most sincere thanks to the entire Within Reach team for helping my son achieve his true potential on the ACT, thus opening doors in his college search that probably would not have been open otherwise.

-Courtney F.

I was very pleased with the results of the ACT prep my son received from Within Reach.  The team was easy to work with, and my son enjoyed his sessions, which were conducted both in person and remotely. By the end of tutoring, he had raised his ACT composite score two points overall, and he felt so proud.  When I asked him about the overall experience, he said, “Of all of my high school experiences, this is what I am most proud of.”  He was proud that he did the work and that he saw the results in his higher ACT score.  Investing resources in test prep was worth it for the increase in score, but it was also invaluable in building my son’s confidence for the future. Ultimately, my son learned that when he does the work and focuses on improving, he can see positive results.

-Nan F.

We met Morgan  at a presentation on college counseling at the Piedmont Driving Club and were impressed with their enthusiasm, intelligence, and approach to standardized test preparation and college counseling. We are demanding customers when it comes to our children, but Within Reach has far exceeded our expectations. Our daughter, who is a senior, improved her ACT score from a 26 to a 31, and our son improved his SAT Math score from a 710 to a 770 — both of which are very substantial increases. Morgan worked with our daughter to develop a game plan for college selection and applications, and she has had great success in the college admissions process, receiving a number of scholarships to schools high on her college list. Our son, a junior, is joining Morgan and a small group of Atlanta students this summer for a tour of three of Maine’s top private colleges. I have been associated with college admissions for over 30 years as an alumnus of Yale, and I have never encountered a better team of standardized test preparation tutors and college advisors. Perhaps the best endorsement of all is that our son and daughter truly loved working with Within Reach.

-Alex and Susan W.

What started as an informational meeting at the Denver Athletic Club grew into a 6-year relationship with all four of our children. Within Reach’s professionalism guiding our children through a challenging process while teaching them the importance of setting goals, executing, and achieving their objectives has been invaluable. Morgan’s web-based platform was easy to use and served as a great road map for the kids, making the distance from Denver to Atlanta a complete non-event. Thanks to Morgan for being constantly engaged and visible throughout the entire college application process.

-Tracy F.

Thank you, Within Reach, for the notable improvement in Emilia’s ACT scores! All of our daughter’s subject scores increased after tutoring — some as many as 6 and 7 points — and her composite score (now 4 points higher) is definitely competitive for the schools that she has in mind. We were especially pleased with how tailored the tutoring was to Emilia’s needs, and she really enjoyed seeing her practice scores increase over the weeks. It was a lot of hard work on Emilia’s part (and Morgan’s, too!) during an already busy school year,  but the results were absolutely worth it — and it was a great example for our high schooler (and our younger children too, who witnessed Emilia’s dedication and success) that hard work does indeed pay off. I would recommend Within Reach for test prep and tutoring services without hesitation.

-Meredith L.

Morgan is a very gifted tutor who is able to engage students and get positive results. Her command of the ACT prep material and ability to convey strategies is great. Our daughter loved working with her and diligently prepared for each of her sessions with Morgan as much to please her as for herself. Honestly, our daughter hated to see the prep sessions come to an end!

-Celia W., Riverwood International Charter School parent

Professional, friendly, results-oriented, organized, calming, flexible, responsive, and knowledgeable are just some of the traits that come to our minds when thinking about Morgan  of Within Reach. In fact,  she is all of these and much, much more. When it comes to our college application and search experience, we couldn’t have been happier with the process or the results. Morgan was not only a calming voice for us, but instilled a new sense of confidence in our daughter. Our only regret is that we did not know about Within Reach Educational Consultants for our older kids. We would not hesitate to recommend Within Reach Educational Consultants to anyone in need of college guidance!

-Robyn T.

Within Reach was referred to us through a friend and was, undoubtedly, the right move toward my son’s college acceptance. The knowledge of colleges and processes that Morgan brought to the table was amazing. Add in the flexibility to tailor services needed and the absolute personal one-on-one attention my son received, and you have “the real deal”!! My son received an Early Decision acceptance to the college of his choice, and I can say that Within Reach made the whole college application process far less painful than I heard it was going to be. With a 15-year old just a blink away from college application time, I will have no hesitation calling Within Reach for one more successful round!

-David T.

Within Reach Educational Consultants had a huge, positive impact on the college readiness of my nephew. Most tangibly, his ACT score moved from the 79th percentile to the 97th percentile after a few weeks of tutoring, even though the sessions were done remotely by phone. In addition, the process of working with Within Reach created structure and clarity around the college application and evaluation process, with the end result being my nephew’s acceptance to his #1 school of choice.

-Mark S.

Within Reach began counseling my children in 2007 and stayed with our family through the college acceptances of all three children by 2012. Within Reach inspired my children to work as hard as they could in school, and all three were accepted to their first choice college: the first with a POSSE scholarship to Grinnell, the second to UPenn, and the third to NYU. I am confident that we couldn’t have achieved such success without Within Reach and its punctual, goal directed, effective and efficient advising style. Plus, my kids always had fun working with the young, “cool” team at Within Reach, so getting them to meetings was a breeze, and I never had to nag my kids to complete their college work because Within Reach had it covered.

-Mary S.