Does your student tend to give you one-word answers when you inquire about school, friends, or personal responsibilities? Does he or she shy away from conversations or verbal interactions with authority figures or unfamiliar faces? As educational experts who take a holistic, forward-thinking approach to helping students achieve personal, academic, and professional goals, we know that poor conversation skills just won’t cut it!  

It is our firm belief that all students, but especially high school juniors and seniors, should be able to not only carry, but lead conversations with adults. Students should:

  • be comfortable responding to questions with enough detail to show passion and knowledge, but not too much to indicate too much self-focus;
  • be comfortable asking questions to initiate conversation as well as follow-up questions to demonstrate good listening, interpretation, and critical thinking; and
  • possess mannerisms in conversation that convey confidence and self-awareness.

These informal conversation skills are precursors to refined interview and presentation skills, and we can help students develop them in group-based or one-on-one conversation skills workshops.