Our tutoring philosophy is based on our proven experience that empowering students to work competently and, eventually, independently leads to greater self-confidence, happiness, and sustained upward mobility.

Empowering students begins with holding them to high expectations from the very first scheduled session.

To this goal, we expect all students to:

  • fully engage in their sessions with our tutors by listening and tuning out distractions;
  • trust the Within Reach strategies, tips, and tricks and our adaptable methods for helping them reinforce those;
  • complete all assigned homework to the full extent possible;
  • communicate their questions and potential frustrations clearly;
  • arrive to sessions on time or cancel with at least 24-hours notice; and
  • make a commitment to applying our teachings to independent execution of their work to the best of their ability. At Within Reach Education, we do not complete work for our students, nor do we hold our students’ hands; rather, we thoughtfully provide them the tools they require to master their own work and meet their own goals.

The mark of our success as tutors is when students are able to meet their academic goals without our prolonged support.

Contact us at 678.701.4053 or team@withinreacheducation.com to learn more about how we can help your student achieve academic success!